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You are viewing the writer stats and profile for Charity-22398, a 4-star writer in the Zerys network

My Personal Info

  • Pen Name: Charity-22398
  • Country: United States
  • Language: English

My Expert Knowledge Areas

  • Health and Wellness 3

My Writer Bio

I have administrated a private forum site for the last 15 years and many of the regular posters have pushed me to write a book about my family and life experiences. They say my writing style is interesting and I am knowledgeable on many topics. Some have even compared me to Erma Bombeck. My husband wants me to write a book, too, but the very thought of such an endeavor seems daunting. I am just not "there" yet; perhaps someday.
I do find short writings about topics of interest very enjoyable, and I love knowing that I am passing on information to people who are interested in reading it. In college, I took English 101 and I received top grades on all of my writing assignments, getting a 4.0 in the class. My professor also mentioned that I had the writing "knack" and suggested I do something with it. Maybe this work site is a way to do just that. I guess we'll see how it goes. Perhaps I'll even gain the confidence and desire to write that book yet!

My Zerys Writing Statistics

  • Total Pages Assigned by all Zerys Clients: 2
  • Pages Approved by all Zerys Clients: 1
  • Total Missed Deadlines: 1/2 (50.00%)
  • Total Pages Rejected: 0/2 (0.00%)

My Ratings From Zerys Clients

  • Number of Zerys Client Ratings: 0
  • Average Zerys Client Rating: 4 Stars 4-Stars
  • Number of Zerys Client Reviews: 0

My Rate

  • Standard Pay Rate: 2.00 cents per word
  • (This rate is negotiable from within your Zerys account)

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