Is epidural effectiveness during delivery enough to mask all the pain?

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After a woman gets pregnant, one of the first things that might pop into her mind is going through labor. Labor can be a very scary part of pregnancy, especially if it is your first baby. Enduring the pain seems to be a huge concern for pregnant moms. Luckily, hospitals have come up with something to help mask the pain for the new mommy to be. Some concerns about epidurals for a mommy to be might include the huge needle they use, epidural effectiveness during delivery, it could affect how a baby latches for breastfeeding right after birth, it could affect their blood pressure, the baby’s heart rate, and they could become the victim of a spinal fluid leak.

     I am here to give some answers to those concerns from personal experience. When I had my baby, I wasn’t totally convinced that I was going to be one of the women that get an epidural. I had a lot of the same concerns most pregnant women did. I also thought that I might be able to endure the pain without the help of any sort of medication. After I got to the hospital and started having contractions, especially after my water broke, I decided I wanted to get an epidural. I went over the benefits and risks with my nurse and made my final decision. One of the main reasons I went with an epidural is because I wanted to be able to enjoy my labor. She gave me her experiences with moms that got the epidural and those that did not. She said the moms that got the epidural were able to enjoy the experience and not be exhausted. She even said those moms usually got to take a quick nap before anything exciting started, instead of being in constant pain.

     I was, however, one of the unlucky women who had to have the epidural done more than once. The first time I got it done, it seemed to work like it was supposed to. After a few minutes, it started wearing off on one side, and then stopped working all together on my right side. I was so scared I was going to be one of the women who didn’t respond as well as everyone else to it. The anesthesiologist said that sometimes the epidural effectiveness during delivery is different for everyone. Sometimes it works perfectly for some women, and sometimes it feels like they didn’t even have an epidural. It worked the second time, and I was able to take about an hour-long nap!

     Everything else went very smoothly after that with the delivery part. It was very effective during the delivery process, as I felt very little pain. Looking back on it, I am very thankful I got the epidural. I will be doing it again with my next child, and I would recommend it to anyone that is on the fence. I enjoyed my delivery, and I was able to participate in ways that I feel I wouldn’t have been able to if I was in agonizing pain. I also think that some of the warnings that come with an epidural, are there because it might have happened to one person, one time, and now they are required to put the warning on it.

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