How Can You Prevent Preterm Birth

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Many newly pregnant women are both excited and scared, but one thing that may lay worries on their mind is how to prevent preterm birth. Premature births occur everyday and there is nothing most women do to cause it. Nature simply takes it course to deliver babies early, which usually end in death, simply because something went wrong in the makeup of the DNA. Science has created what it knows as the perfect transcript of DNA. When one strand of DNA has a flaw, it could cause deformities or simply death. Most women are not aware of this, so they start blaming their own self for problems in their pregnancy. Preterm birth can be prevented with a little medical help.

17p Injection Can Prevent Preterm Birth

The 17p injection is a progesterone shot given once a week up through 36 weeks of the pregnancy. It has proven great success in preventing preterm births, but generally only works if you have had one previous preterm birth. If this is your first pregnancy, the 17p injection is not proven to help prevent preterm birth. It is imperative to keep up the shots on a weekly basis, however, you can miss up to one shot between shots, but it is not recommended. The symptoms that can occur while taking the injection is itchiness at the site injection, along with redness and swelling. Mood swings can sometimes show, but not always. The injection needle is quite large, so the injection itself can hurt and cause some pain. The symptoms of this shot far outweigh the risks involved with preterm births, so if you are ordered to start the shot, you should definitely take the risks. The success you will have with it is a healthy newborn in your arms born at term.

Eating Healthy Before and After Pregnancy

If you are planning a pregnancy, the best thing you can do to prevent preterm birth is to eat healthy. The most important vitamin you should take before and during your pregnancy is folic acid. Women should always take a vitamin with folic acid and eat foods that naturally contain it like broccoli and other dark green veggies. Folic acid is important for the brain development of the baby during the early stages of pregnancy before the embryo becomes a fetus. It also helps aid in preventing birth defects like cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis.

Take it Easy During Pregnancy

There is a general rule for women during pregnancy when it comes to doing physical work. You should only do what you were used to doing before you got pregnant. You should never over work your body and start new regimens like weight lifting after you find out you are pregnant. You should always listen to your body and never strain to lift anything. If you feel a lot of tension when lifting, pushing, or pulling, stop immediately and rest. You can cause your body to tear the placenta from the uterine wall with any physical exertion.

If you have any concerns about your pregnancy, be sure to address them to your doctor. If you are trying to prevent preterm birth, it does not always return the results you were looking for, but these suggestions can help.

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