How does one travel safely during pregnancy?

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Pregnancy is a beautiful phase for any woman. Women are indeed lucky to be blessed by nature to nurture life. No matter what position a woman holds in the society, she gets satisfied 100% only by being a mother. Motherhood is a fulfilling feeling for any woman.

Today’s women are on the move in order to face the competitive world and win over the male bastions. Pregnancy should not stop a woman from achieving their goals. Due to growth in technology and science, a pregnant lady is made comfortable and safe in every way. Travelling has become a part and parcel of today’s energetic ladies.

Travel safely during pregnancy; it is must for the baby. Every travel agency ensures safe travel for pregnant lady. They can travel safely till a particular stage of pregnancy. It is better to avoid travelling during the first trimester and the third or last trimester.

Pregnant ladies too can enjoy vacations, like anybody else by adopting safe travelling tips. Being contented and happy is a must for a healthy baby.

Travel safely during pregnancy to ensure comfort and easiness. Travel plans vary from lady to lady. It all depends on the individual’s health and mind set. Many women dread travelling due to unnecessary fears. Pregnant ladies should consult their doctors before planning their travel. The advice will vary according to the mode of transport and duration of travel.

Here are few tips for mothers to be when on the go.

Pack your medical records first.

     To show the evidence that it is fine to travel by air.

     May be you want to visit a doctor at your destined place.

Carry prescribed pills.

     The regular vitamins, calcium, and iron tablets.

     To arrest frequent vomiting.

Food chart; having good, hygienic food and water during travel is a must.

     Include lot of roughage and fruits.

     Drink plenty of water and fruits juices for smooth bowel movements and keep the body hydrated.

     Avoid salty, spicy and fried food.

Following proper sleeping patterns is necessary during travelling.

     Travelling by train, bus or plane, make sure your lower back is well taken care of.

     Never sleep straight on your back. Sleeping left side ways is always preferred.

     It removes the strain from the back and also allows good blood flow to the fetus.

Care should be taken while using public rest rooms.

     Pregnant ladies catch urinary infections soon.

Vaccinations are necessary when travelling abroad. Advice from your doctor is very important.

Travel time is between 4th and 7th month.

Carry soft pillows if you are travelling by road, keep one at your lower back to prevent jerks from hurting you. If travelling by car take breaks at regular intervals. Continuous travel will be very uncomfortable. Usually travelling long distances by bus is not recommended during pregnancy unless the bus is spacious enough to stretch and move. The legs get swollen at the ankles due to weight of the body and lack of flow of fluids to the whole body. So massage those areas regularly. Also take care of your calf muscles to prevent painful cramps. These tips ensure safe travel for pregnant lady.

A healthy, happy and contented mother will deliver a healthy, normal baby.

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