I am 9weeks pregnant I have not started my prenatal vitamins,I get very depressed which has caused me to overdose during the 2nd week of my pregnancy.Do you think it affected the baby,if I go to a clinic what do I say?

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Answered by: Sandy, An Expert in the Pregnancy and Birth Category
In order to properly answer your question I would need more information. Such as what substance was it that you overdosed on and by overdose do you mean you passed out and your stomach needed to be pumped at a hospital?

In general- the early weeks of pregnancy is very critical to a baby's development. A lot of things may affect the development of a baby and its different for everyone. I suggest you do go to the clinic or see a doctor and have things evaluated. Being depressed while pregnant is not a symptom you want to ignore even without the substance abuse.

What to say- If you are a walk-in or have an appointment you would just tell the receptionist your 9weeks pregnant and you would like to be seen. They don't really ask for more. When you're back with the clinician they will ask you the usual series of questions. If you are depressed or if you have used drugs of any kind during this pregnancy is 2 of these questions. So if you are uncomfortable in outright asking, wait til when they ask you. Tell them of your worries and if they feel anything needs to be done medically they will see to it that it's done. (With your consent of course)

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