Why Should I Love My Pregnant Body?

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Stretch marks, swollen ankles, puffy face, and acne , what's there to love about your pregnant body? Many women wonder why they don't have that pregnancy glow that others talk about. Don't be discouraged! There are so many reasons to love your body during this nine month journey. Here are five reasons to love your pregnant body.

1. Hide behind your belly. Do you have issues with what you consider figure flaws? If you hate your small breasts, pregnancy is an instant breast implant. If you feel your hips are too wide, they won't look so wide cradling a big belly. Don't forget that any extra weight around your middle can be attributed to having a big belly. The only downfall is that after nine months, you can no longer hide. Not a problem if you blame it all on the baby!

2. Your hair and nails will never be as beautiful. Those wonderful hormones that make you go to the bathroom every ten minutes and cause you to cry at every movie also help your hair and nails to grow at rates to rival Jack's Beanstalk. Not only do they grow fast, they grow strong, healthy, and shiny. Add in the prenatal vitamins and your hair and nails will be doubly impressive. An added bonus is that while acne is true for some women, that part of pregnancy passes and you will have beautiful skin with little to no maintenance.

3. Pregnancy gets you perks. You can get a better parking spot at most local malls and most people will offer you their seat on the bus. You always have an excuse for sitting down and relaxing, and no one expects you to lift heavy objects or stand in long lines. Feet swollen? Take advantage of pregnancy massages and pregnancy pampering. Have a craving? No one would look twice at a pregnant woman if she felt like indulging in pickles and ice cream.

4. Your pregnant body will make you want to nap, a lot. Pregnancy gives the automatic excuse to take a break and take a short nap. It's all for the good of the baby right? Of course, it's not a bad thing for you either.

5. Remember that your pregnant body is performing a miracle each and every day. It is growing your tiny baby and when baby comes, it will offer all the nutrition he needs for the first year of life. Love your pregnant body for what is accomplishing inside of you.

In the end, whatever you have to endure or enjoy is only for a short time. Your baby will be here before you know it and you will not have the need to worry about anything but your bundle of joy for a little while. Your body is performing a miraculous task and that is what you should focus on while pregnant. Do not let the changes that affect your body negatively impact your mind. You are undoubtedly at your most beautiful when you are carrying that precious life.

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